Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kettia #3

The first time I talked about her I told you she was treated soo poorly at the son of god orphanage. I told you, “I don’t think that she will make it alive to September.” Then I told you that she weighed 11 pounds and that life for her did not look too bright. I also mentioned that she went missing and that a LOT of people thought that she had died. It was a quite reasonable thing to think, I mean how long can a 7 year old live at 11 pounds!?  I never fully believed that Kettia was dead, but with the situation and so many people saying she was dead, it crossed my mind a few times. I kept re-quoting myself, “I cant wait till the day when she, who used to be 11 pounds, is reading and learning from my 11 pound physics book!”  Now I tell you that Kettia is ALIVE!!! I cant tell you how awesome it is to hear that and to say it! My little baby is alive and well! She is running and playing and safe!! In October she couldn’t stand on her own. Now she is running!! Im so excited! My hopes for her future have gotten so much better! Praise the Lord! He is so awesome! I have, in my mind, adopted all of these children as my own. Especially the ones I connected with on higher levels. If you don’t understand how amazing this is let me tell you how I feel. My child, who was spoken of that she was dead, is ALIVE!!! My life is a never ending blessing from God! Things like this are just great examples of that! Seriously, this is like better than anything that has, and maybe even, will happen to me!
What a wonderful day! I was fired from my job, which was a blessing in so many ways, as well as a problem. It was too hard for school and physically it was abusive. Now, however, I wont be making any more money for my trips to Haiti so I hope that all works out. God has a plan, always has, and im just a leaf on the water, waiting for his wave of instruction to carry me on. I have never been sure of anything, aside from the fact that God is God, in my life that Haiti is where he wants me to be. I know I talked about Turkiye and how I thought that God wanted me to be there, but truthfully it was a selfish desire, that had nothing to do with God. Haiti is all about God for me! It helps me be the person God wants me to be and I want to be. It helps the people Im around. Im blessed to have God’s love! I hope this news is awesome to you! Thanks for your support!
I love you all so much!
Please continue to pray for the missing children! Also please pray for us as we try to go to Haiti this Christmas. If you have any questions about our plans for our trip please let me know! We need as much support and prayer as we can get! My email is coolkim333@yahoo.com
You guys are awesome!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Story Summary

On the way back from the trip the leaders called my brother, Trevor, and asked him to go to Haiti A.S.A.P. (That was on Tuesday October 25th) Trevor soon found out that he would need to bring all the food that he was going to need for the next 2 ½ months and several supplies for the girls at the orphanage. They need to be nurtured back to health so protein shakes and other medications like that was what Trevor bought. The kids at Megan’s school cannot go to school without shoes. Haiti has a, strange but, strict dress code policy. So we got like half a million shoes for them J and then we found out that the girls at the orphanage could not go to church because they did not have any dresses or skirts. We got a lot of those too J We packed 4 crates of 50 pounds worth of all of that stuff, but had to scatter it between all of the boxes for weight reasons. Then Trevor had 1 bag of clothes, which were in space bags. He also had 2 carry on bags. On Tuesday, a week after the leaders asked him to go to Haiti, we drove Trevor and his 300 pounds worth of luggage to the airport. There were some last minute details that we needed to be done, and they put us an hour behind. Finally we arrived at the airport! Mom went to park the car and we went to go get the bags checked. After they had all been weighed the lady told us that it would cost $500!!! We called our missions Pastor, who was paying for the luggage because it had all of the girl’s supplies in it, and told him how much it would cost… He told us that we were going to have to cut out 2 crates! So, now running even more than an hour behind, started pulling stuff out and replacing the stuff that Trevor really wanted but didn’t really need. Finally we got him all squared away and sent off! He flew from Denver to Dallas and waited there for 3 hours. Then he flew to Fort Lauderdale where he spent the night. Then he left first thing Wednesday to Haiti. He arrived safely and has been having a wonderful time! He is staying at Megan’s house in Gressier. Megan is not there right now but Trevor is having lots of fun playing with his old pall Michaelle and his new friend, Michaelles sister, Jessica. He went to the girl’s orphanage on Thursday for about 5 minutes. He told me Thursday night that he saw Kedlene,

one of my girls, and that she remembered me. He said that she told him to tell me hi J He told me that she looked very healthy! That was pretty amazing news!!! He went to the beach, and from the looks of the pictures had a lot of fun! He got to go back to the girl’s orphanage and spend some time with them. He took this picture with Kedlene   

 J  (She is the girl on the left.) And he has been having fun celebrating his birthday and spending time with Michaelle and Jessica. He is writing his own blog, http://haitiguy.blogspot.com/2011/11/morning-breath.html?spref=fb feel free to check it out J Today, November 7th, is Trevor’s 21st birthday. We might be sad that he is gone, (although I’m not. Because I know how much fun he is having there and how many people he is helping!) We are glad he is there and having a good time! I hope to update you soon! We have some exciting news coming to you! We can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you so much for your prayer and support! You truly are a blessing from God! God has already placed Haiti on, Trevor, my mom, and my heart. Just wait until Marin goes! J As always, have a blessed day!
Madison !

God is so good!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let my people go!

      Exodus 9:1 
"... This is what the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, says: "Let my people go, so that they may worship me."                               
 This was written during the exodus, to Moses. Because God did not want his people to suffer any more under the unjust and evil of pharaoh. Right NOW his people are suffering the evil of, sex, labor, and organ trafficking! They need everything we can give them! We can not go to the orphanage ANYMORE because they have threatened to KILL us! We have gone to SEVERAL government officials, most of which AGREE with our desire to free these children, but IBSR (Haitian social services) has vetoed every thing! The only power above IBSR in Haiti is the President himself! IBSR is VERY corrupt!!! They will not help these children because it will hurt them! We need to tell the President to STOP allowing this corruption to continue on! Please join us  by signing another petitions that will go directly to the President of Haiti. Our hopes right now are to raise awareness about the pure evil going on in IBSR, Haiti, and at the Son of God orphanage, by exposing it through the media. We think that it will upset the people of America, and that they will put pressure on OUR government to pressure, Michel Martelly the President of Haiti, into stopping this evil. Please sing both of our petitions, the one to CNN    http://blog.beliefnet.com/redletters/2011/10/tell-cnn-to-expose-ongoing-human-trafficking-of-orphans-in-haiti.html
The President. http://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-haiti-close-the-son-of-god-orphanage-and-investigate-ibesr?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=autopublish
And help stop this evil now! 
Thank you so much for your help! I can not wait until the day when their healthy bodies get to say thank you to you for themselves! 
Your all so AWESOME!! Please share this with EVERYONE you know, anyone is helpful!! If you know ANYONE who is popular or has political power, or even someone you feel God leading you to share, PLEASE let me know!! Thank you so much! 
Bondye beni ou! 
This is the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly 

Ketia, the little girl who was 11 pounds last week, she is missing now

Christileen could set aside her pain while we were there, were we the last ones who said I love you? 

This is Wendy in June. He felt bad then! He came to ME and begged me to take him to the clinic

This is Wendy now! This boy has gone through so much! Now he is so sick his hair is being destroyed! He is so hungry you can see his bones.

This can not happen any more! Please help save these children! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Your chance to help the children!!

Hello all! I know you have been praying for these kids, and I cant thank you enough for that!, but today you have a chance to do something more! We are trying to get CNN to talk about the horrible things going on at Son of God, if we get them to start talking it will help reach the people who can help solve this problem! All you have to do is click this link, type your name, address, and email and we will be one step closer to freeing these children! Tell CNN to expose ongoing human trafficking of orphans in Haiti
In Isaiah 1:17 it says "defend the cause of the fatherless."  These children are fatherless and need to be defended! Please pray for them and sign this petition. If you know ANYONE who has ANY connection,  with the government in Haiti, anyone who can help get the word out, or anything you feel God leading you to share. My email is coolkim333@yahoo.com
If you wouldn't mind sharing this link with all your friends, posting on Facebook sending an email or anything, every signature helps! We are getting really close to their freedom and we need your help!
Thank you so much!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haiti Update

The ladies met with the board today. It didnt go very well, from what I know, but there was some progress. Some of the people on the board are going to see the orphanage tomorrow, wen. Pray, pray, pray that these people see the unjust and the hurt of their people. I dont know what God wants, I dont know if he wants the kids to leave the orphanage or what but I know God wants things to change. Because I know God dose not want these kids hurting so badly. Some people from our church are going to go to Haiti, like now, to help feed the kid, they need someone who loves them to be there to feed them. So they are going, please pray for protection on these people, and for guidiance. It is exteemly dificult to be at the orphanage, the kids are so sick it makes you want to die, there is so much evil it makes you want to be evil, it is just really hard. Please pray for these people, whos passion outweighs these problems, because the kids need them. On top of all of this, the kids have been told that we are the reason for all this hurt and lonelyness. That makes it even harder for the people who love them to sit there, in all that evil and hurt, and be glared at like its their fault. Please pray for them, they are doing awesome things, things that need to be done, and its really hard. Thank you so much for your suport. We will find out on Thursday what will happen next.
Sorry for this poorly writen update.  Thanks for your prayer and support!
Locked up in their cage :(

This is the front of the orphanage.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The people that i mentioned in my last post arrived safely in Haiti today. They went to the Son of God orphanage and saw the children. They were all in very bad condition most of them could not even stand up! One of the little girls I talked about earlier, Ketia, is in very poor condition. I feared that she would not make it to September but, thankfully, she did! Now she is doing worse then when I saw her in June and weighs less than my Physics book! I hope with all my heart that it is God's will to save her tiny body and protect her! In Matthew it says, "in the same way our Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost." (in another translation it says perish.) I know that God's children die all the time and it breaks his heart and mine every time. But reading this verse reminds me that its not his will and that he will protect those children! In verse 6 it says, "But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." Now I understand that these people not taking care of the kids is not the same as making them sin but this verse shows me how precious these children to God! And how he never wants anything bad to happen to them, and that he will avenge them! I can not wait until the day when Ketia is reading my physics book! Because one day, i believe with all my heart, she will! Please pray for these kids. For the people in charge of them who have submitted to Satan. And for this meeting tomorrow. It is a very BIG meeting! The people we sent down there are going to talk to a massive board, unicef, crs, and lots of Haitian government. These people have the say and ability to shut down son of god and let the children go to a good place. CRS has already shut down a few bad orphanages in Haiti and they, along with us, want to shut down Son of God orphanage. Please pray with all your might that they let us take the children away! I know that God dose not want them to suffer another moment, and this might be the way he makes that happen. The meeting is at Haitian time, which is here, so maybe if you could take a moment, an hour, a day, just to pray for them and to pray that God's will be done. I understand if you have other things going on i do as well but if you keep them in your thoughts and prayers I know God will do wonderful thing! Pray, pray, pray! Looking at the saying, "things have to get worse before they can get better," we have already passed the worse now things are going to get better! (I totally understand that’s not a biblical saying it is just a nice saying that gives me hope.) Thank you so much for reading this and praying for these kids. When I learned that my baby Ketia was doing so bad, tonight, I could do nothing but scream my anger and sadness to God! Its not just Ketia they are all doing horrible and it could all be prevented if the family that runs the orphanage would turn away from Satan and listen to God. Right now however the innocent children are suffering and our hearts are breaking for what breaks his heart. Thank you again!
Bondye beni ou! (God bless you in Creole)
I love you all!

This is Ketia. I still cant believe she is smiling, she was treated so poorly she would not smile for anyone! Im thankful that Brenda got her to smile, she deserves to be happy. And look how cute she is when she dose?!?! I love this little girl! Please pray for her!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My dear friends I have a prayer request for you. Some of the leaders at my church are going to Haiti tomorrow, sunday the 9th- through the 12th. They are going to talk to some very importiant people and those people have the oppertunity to let the children of Son of God free, and send them to a good place. Please pray for the safety of these people, that the bord of Haitian government will listen with open minds and chose the path God wants them to.
Thank you for your prayers!
Love you so much!
Bondye beni ou!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello dear friends! I have been too busy to write about the wonderful ladies on my team but I would like to ask you one favor. My friend Ramces, I wrote about him earlier, is being attacked. He is in Haiti with a wife and young son. They are wonderful people who can lead Haiti to God and help in so many ways. They have already helped a lot at the Son of God Orphanage and will continue to do more. Sadly I cannot give you many details about how or who is attacking him and his family but I can ask you to pray with all your hearts for their safety. Satan knows how much this man has done, and will do, for the kingdom of God and he wants to hurt him. Please pray for him, his wife Cindy, and his little boy, who is sick right now, Zac.
Thank you SO much for your prayers! They are really needed!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Laughlin family update :)

Hello all of my wonderful friends!!  I wanted to give you an update on what God has been doing in our family lately.
Trevor has a job and plans to go to Haiti in November to see one of his very close friends get married :) Its going to be awesome!! Trevor is thinking about staying in Haiti a little bit after the wedding, but who knows?
Carolyn is still the same awesome mommy as she always is. She plans on going to Haiti in December with Marin, one of our friends from church Niki, Niki's mom; who is like a Dr. so that is going to be awesome,  Niki's aunt, and myself.

I went to Dallas for a week, after I came home from Haiti, with my bible quiz team. Then I went on a road trip with my dad for two weeks. Then I came home and got a job so I could help pay for my many planned trips to Haiti. I started my 11th grade in school, man that is so strange to write! Now I’m going to school, working, and doing bible quiz. Like I said before the Laughlin girls and 3 of our lady friends plan on going to Haiti in December. Sometime around December 28th and January 8th. We will send out letters with more information on that when we learn some things ourselves! J

Because we have been all over this summer on trips and now going to school and working our thank you letter has taken WAY longer than we wanted it to but it is coming!! Hopefully you already know how thankful I’m, but it has some nice stories and pictures for you. Thanks for being patience! J  
Once again I would like to say THANK YOU!! You have given me the greatest gift any human has ever given me and I will always be grateful for that!
Please pray for the team that just went down to Haiti to try and convince the people who run the orphanage to let the orphans go so they can be taken care of better. This is a really BIG deal and it needs as much prayer as we can give cubed!! Please pray for Gods will to shine through in everything that happens.
Bondey beni ou! (God bless you)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Shawn saving the babies.

Princess Samanda and Shawn.

Princess Samanda, Shawn, and Christline.

Nickelson and Shawn.

Shawn and Christline.

Shawn was the biggest blessing to me in Haiti. He was like a father to me, always caring for me, making sure I was ok, protecting me, praising me for my hard works, always giving me fatherly love! He was totally awesome :) Like I said, when I was talking about Reza, the younger men protected me but couldn’t always comfort me. Shawn protected me and comforted me more than anyone there, even my mom. :) I had met Shawn once before our first team meeting and it went like this... I was going to the break room, at the church, and he stopped me as I was walking through the door, that your not supposed to go through unless you have certain permission. I was like woops! I know I'm allowed to go in but you don’t know that :) He did not know who I was so I just left. But you should have seen the way he looked at me! It was like he thought I was a crazy person or something :) very funny! So when we had our first team meeting I knew who he was because I had met him and my mom told me what a great worker he is a few times. He, however, thought it was the first time we met :) (which is funny to me, he forgot about the crazy person who tried to break in to the baby room) I was excited that someone I knew and had respect for was going on our trip, I wasn’t too sure how those 970 boys would be like. :) So now we are in Haiti. Its our first debrief and I, of course, am the first of our team to cry. :) I started crying about what was going on and expressing how disturbed I was, im sure i talked for a long time, but Shawn grabbed my hand to comfort me. Trevor was there and put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me as well. It made me feel much better to know that I had someone who could care and comfort me in Haiti, because I was sure uncomforted by the injustice. On Saturday Shawn was sitting next to me in the courtyard of the orphanage. He was holding Christline and I think like 2 other kids. I was freaked out because on Friday when we went to the orphanage there was another team and Megan's crew was there so there were enough people to have 1-3 kids a person. I had 1 little girl on Friday so on Saturday when I had 2 babies in my lap and 3 other little kids pulling on me I was wondering were everyone was and why they were not down helping with the kids. (I have to admit that I hate that attitude that I had, but it was truly what i was thinking.) I asked Shawn a couple of times, "where is everyone!?" He calmed me down every time but I somehow managed to freak out again and again. Little did I know that most of my team was at the Clinic. One person in particular, Ben, was there and he was talking to Arianna. He was listing to her story of how she had been sexually assaulted at age 14 and he shared the gospel with her. SHE EXCEPPTED!!!!!!! Im so happy that I have a new sister in Christ! At the time, sadly, I didn’t know what was going on, I was being selfish and whining about having to hold babies! I don't know if you remember wayyy back when we said what we were looking forward to when we go to Haiti, but the #2 thing I was looking forward to was holding babies! It was a twisted thing, and I let satin take something that I longed for so much and make it a thing I wanted to run away from! (he is so mean!) Then on Saturday I noticed, Samanda, the girl who had a hole in her foot and ants going in and out of it. I was of course distrot about what I saw happing to her and told Shawn. From then on he took care of her with a broken heart. On Sunday, when we were at the orphanage, he ran over to her to hug her and protect her. At one point in time he bent down and scraped the ants off her leg. When he looked up I was looking at him, be cause I noticed what he was doing and started watching him. He gave me this look and I don’t even know the words to describe it! But it just put the point across that he just wanted to die from the guilt, i would say, that was just rushing through his mind. I felt the same way and we were just filled with so much emotion we were clenching our fists and crying at the same time. I tried very hard not to cry in front of the kids at the orphanage, because they looked up to me and I didn’t want them to loose their joyful hearts. But I could not hold my tears in! I went up stairs with the girls and I held Arianna, Kedlene, and Bettina and while they were coloring I quietly cried to Jesus with all the pain I had for Samanda. On Sunday night Shawn was putting the finishing touches on the piñata. I noticed that he was all alone and asked if he needed help. I helped him and then Ben came. It was really fun working with those guys! They are both such wonderful men of God! On Monday Shawn helped give the kids, at Megan's school, flip flops representing the feet fitted with the gospel of peace. At one point in time there were about 45 kids getting flip flops. Shawn and Stephanie were very overwhelmed. We did not notice that there was a problem until it was too late. Then when we were at Megan's house Shawn was eating a sweet n salty. Little Michaelle was hanging around and Shawn gave her some of the pack. He said that she only liked the raisins and m&m's :) He helped me take a picture of Trevor, mom, Michaelle, and myself on the roof of Megan's house. Which was really a great thing! Now Zazou, Obed's friends cousin who is years old, came. This was the night we thought she was Ramces friend's daughter :) I was playing with Zazou. Shawn just sat and watched us he was blown away by how I acted. (He said that to me.) Then at the debrief Shawn said in front of the team, "Madison I cant believe your heart. How you love these kids! Your heart is so pure and beautiful! I was most definitely not doing the wonderful things you are doing now when I was your age."  Then he praised my mom for the way she raised me. The whole team joined in at the end praising Trevor and us. It was a very special moment to me. Not in a boastful way, but in a, "wow people actually think what I do is good. People are paying attention to how I act? Im super loved!!!" (those were my thoughts.) On Tuesday night we brought the piñata!! We gave all the kids little party hats and played games. Then Shawn explained to all of the kids what his son, Brooks, did. Brooks sacrifices his birthday gifts, every year, and asks his friends to give him money to help orphans all over the world instead. Last year he paid for them to go to grass! (which is a realllllllly big deal!) He got them a chicken dinner with fruit! The kids hardly get to eat meat so its very nice to have chicken and they just love fruit! This year he bought candy, for a piñata, and all sorts of games and party things. On top of buying them another chicken dinner with fruit. Shawn went up there to explain it and said Brooks' name and all the kids started shouting!! “Brooks!!” They remembered him from the last gift he gave them. (look at this video of them saying thank you Brooks.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aWwM1Y-abk Anyways it made Shawn full of joy that the kids remembered Brooks and that his son was doing such a noble thing at such a young age. It was a wonderful moment for everyone!

Shawn telling the kids about their party.
He brought some band-aids, to put on Princess Samanda's hole in her foot.  We both knew it wasn’t going to fix anything but we hoped it would keep the ants out for a little while and maybe she could have a moment free of pain. I would not have had the absolutely wonderful trip that I had had it not been for a lot of things, but Shawn was a big part of those things! Im very thankful for him and all that he did for me. I stop by to see him every weekend at church to give him a hug. It's wonderful to get to know him, his wonderful kids! Maybe soon I will get to know more about his wife. But his whole family is just splendid! I know Shawn has to work very hard all the time. If you wouldn’t mind saying a quick prayer to thank God for the wonderful gift Shawn is, and maybe that he will have a good day at work. Thanks!
P.S. the girls are coming next! :)  

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Reza playing patty cake with Mickelson :)

Reza showing a father's love to some girls who really needed it.

Jezula, Adam, Reza, James and some wonderful boys.

Reza and a little boy holding the pictures of what makes them happy.

This is the most adorable picture on the face of the planet! Reza and, his sponsor child, James

Reza was our pastor on the trip. He had to do a funeral so he did not leave on Thursday with us. He came to our house, in Haiti. on Saturday. Reza did a CSU coaching thing like 8 years ago and met Adam, the nfl football player. They formed a relationship and thanks to Reza, Adam, is the wonderful Christian man that he is today! (Adam said that, I didn’t just make that up.) Reza had to make A LOT of decisions, that concerned the well being of the kids and our team, at the drop of a hat. He did not always make the right choice, but at the time it was best. He was always worried about our safety and the kids. I'm thankful for all of the decisions that he made! Im blown away at how easily he could form a speech. I guess its just the way he talks, but we would see that talking to the kids would be a really good idea and without any notice he would give a speech that was just AWESOME! He did that all the time! When we were at church they said, "hay come on up here and tell us about your team." He went up there and did a wonderful job. He did things like that all the time. It was really wonderful! He was another guy who always made sure i was ok. Because of his age it was easier for him to comfort me whereas the other boys who are like 20  couldn’t give me that kind of attention.  He helped Ramces and Bernard to better share the gospel, which was awesome! He gave me the opportunity to go and see Megan, her house, Michaelle, and grassier! Which I'm very thankful for! Tuesday, when we were doing the birthday party for all the kids, we had a piñata. And we planed to hang it on the clothes line that was hanging across the entire courtyard. But when we hung it on the line it fell to the ground..... Reza, bravely, picked it up and let two very strong men swing a stick at him... while they were BLINDFOLDED! He is a brave and strong leader. Or he is just really stupid :) (but we all know what he did was brave and a wonderful thing!) On Tuesday night, while we were having a team meeting, Reza was afraid that Races, who never showed up at the time he told us he would, wouldn’t show up on time :) so he told us that if the line to get into the airport was really long we could pay the guys who carry baggage to carry our baggage and they could get us into the airport faster. Now good o'l Reza felt that it might not be the best thing to bribe our way to the front of the line. So to solve everyone's problems I gave my little kid idea :) "You know when you go to Disney and they let you get those things called fast passes? Well we could think of it like when we hire someone to carry our luggage we get a bonus free pass at the same time!" Everyone loved the analogy and it eased Reza's mind. :) We ended up not using out fast passes, even though Ramces and the bus showed up very late! Now Reza is Arabic. So when all the people kept calling us "blan's" (white) we asked Reza when the last time he was called white :) and he agreed that he was not used to it :) It was pretty fun. Thanks to God he did not have very much problems at the airport, like he has in the past... silly airport people! He got along with the kids really well! I mean how many 30 year old men do you see playing patty cake? :)  He went in August and when we went, James his sponsor friend, remembered him! That was really special :) Reza is still nice to me and I get to see him often :) Please pray for him because he is CRAZY busy! He does 970, he is starting a new church, he has a family, and somehow he's still totally awesome! I cant believe he took off a week to come to Haiti, to love on the kids, and to protect us! He is a totally awesome person! Im very thankful to God for the blessing we have in Reza!
Thanks so much for your prayers, support, and interest!
P.S. we get to talk about Shawn next! :) then the girls :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Mack and Evenson. The best of buddies! :)

Mack playing "spedy hands" with Arianna. :)
Mack, Evenson, and lil momma :) aka Jessica (i believe. we just called her lil momma.)

  I don’t even know how to start. Mack is a, joyful, wonderful man of God, and just an all around awesome person to spend time with! He was a really big blessing for the kids. He knew how to play with the kids, always coming up with a game right when it was needed. I had not met Mack before we went to Haiti. I had seen him before but never actually spoke to him :) Because of the people I saw him with I thought he was a completely different person then he really is! So I was reminded of how different the real Mack is, rather than the one in my head, throughout the entire week. That was fun for both of us! Though, im sure he thought i was a crazy person. On Friday night all the kids came out to see us, I unfortunately was in my "just hanging around the house in my clean clothes" and didn’t want to get them dirty. (Stupidest thing ever!) But Mack was smart and went down to play with the kids. All of the kids loved him! On Saturday I was realllllllllllllly hot! I had 3 babies who were literally thrown on me, by the older girls who take care of them. And on top of that I had several other little kids pulling on me. I could not breath. Thankfully God gave me Mack :) Mack just magically came over and helped me by taking one of the babies, her name was my love. He held her and took care of her for a really long time. Mack was my life saver! On Monday, at Megan's school, Mack and Ben handed out the crowns, representing the helmet of salvation, to all the kids.  He also walked with me to Megan's house. It was nice to have a guy with me, most of the other guys were at the back. He always made me feel protected and happy :) He was a really good friend! When we were praying for Megan and her mission, Michaelle; Megan's Haitian daughter, knocked over a pot with a plant in it. :) I was trying not to make a seen. I was going to pick it up after we finished praying. But Mack turned around and quickly picked it up for me :) Michaelle, who had just recently been given some silly putty and had no idea what it was, kept putting it next to our ears because the air bubbles made some noise. And while we were praying she had it up next to Mack's ear :) I told her to stop so we could focus on praying and she, of course, did not :) But Mack handled it all really well. On Tuesday we told the kids about David and Goliath. Then we had a birthday party, thanks to Brooks Fisher, and had a piñata! So we decided to tie that into our bible story :) Mack was David..... and Adam was Goliath. It actually worked out really well :)  

Goliath did not win because God was not with him. Thankfully he didn’t hit poor Reza who took one for the team when our plans changed!   

David, however, had God on his side and WON!!! :) Yay candy for everyone!!! Poor Reza :) look how scared he is. I video taped the "attack" after the candy was released.... Im pretty sure that was bad... Its bad here so just imagine how bad it is there! But they all loved it :) and it was a good opportunity to talk about God. Mack is awesome! Please thank him for all the wonderful things he did for the kids down in Haiti and encourage him to continue with the wonderful plan God has for him. You can also pray for him to sell more houses :) He is a up and coming realtor and could always use some more customers. Who couldn’t ? :)
Lots of LOVE!!
P.S. Im so sorry it took so long for me to post! It has been a busy, yet absolutely awesome, summer! Im settled in back home now and Ill be talking about Haiti as much as I can! :) Why would anyone want to stop talking about such a wonderful place :) Next Ill talk about Reza, Shawn, and then the girls! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Madison and Zazou <3

Obed, Madison, and adorable Zazou!!! :) 

Zazou going to school 

She is so cute!!!

I love Zazou so much!! I first met her on Sunday, after we came back from the orphanage. Ramces was there with one of his friends. Ramces said something that made us think that Zazou was his friends daughter. So we kept asking Ramces if it was ok for to do things like eat dinner. We asked Ramces thinking he would ask his friend. Every time we asked him he gave us a look like why do you keep asking me about her? Im not her father. It was very strange for us. She was shy at first but I went over and started playing with her. I was holding her sitting on the edge of the balcony. Zazou had a pretty pink crayon in her hand, and when she showed me her big beautiful smile I saw a little pink residue on her back molar. I asked her, in Creole, if she ate the crayon. She had this embarrassed look and said, "No."  I thought her lie was cute, wrong, but cute. Shawn was freaking out about me sitting on the edge of the balcony by myself once I was sitting with a squeamish little girl he made me get off. Shawn gave me his lawn chair. I sat Zazou on my lap and turned her front toward mine. She started playing patty cake with me, it was really cute! Then she would bump her head against mine and say, "oww." I puffed up my cheek so that when she rammed her head on my face it wouldn't hurt. She saw it as another game and started pushing out the air in my cheeks. Then Ramces and his friend left. We were like, "Why did you leave your daughter?" We are like yelling at Ramces to come back and we asked Obed to talk to her and find out why he left her. Obed started laughing and said, "That is not her dad this is James' cousin." We laughed for a long time and I continued to play with her. Sadly Frantzy came to take her home. Then she came over on Monday and Brenda played with her for a little bit. After a while I got Zazou and held her until she had to go home. Zazou came over on Tuesday night and we played patty cake and the cheek thingy. Then I remembered that my mom brought nail polish, she was going to paint the girls nails at the orphanage. I told Zazou to stay there and ran to go get the pink and pink nail polish. I asked her which shade she liked best and she picked the shade that looked exactly like the crayon she had on Sunday. I started painting her nails, in the dark, and then Shawn came over and held a flashlight for me. I showed her how to blow dry her nails, she listened really well. It made me so proud of her! When I was finished doing her hands and feet I carried her around showing them to all the people in the house. I wanted her to feel special. They all said, "Tres bel." Which means very beautiful. It made her smile and glow! I was so happy that she was smiling. Then everyone wanted me to pack for Wednesday so I went into our room, holding Zazou, and started packing. I sat her right next to me and she just stayed there until I was done. I gave her a starburst and she was fiddling with it while she waited. When I was done I went out to the front of the house and got her another starburst. When she saw that I was going to give her another one she started to eat the one she had, with the wrapper still on it. I tried to take it from her and she was not very happy. Finally I got it from her, took the wrapper off and gave it to her. She was all grumpy but when I gave it to her she started sucking on it and chewing on it turned her frown upside down. It was almost like a baby screaming at the top of their lungs and then giving them a pacifier and they suck on it. It was really fun. She did not need my help anymore after that. It was fun taking pictures with her and she got to stay a lot longer than she had before. It was a very fun night with her, but of course Frantzy came to take her away. I remembered Wednesday morning that I never said goodbye to her. Thankfully Josh got to take some stuff down,  for her, with him in July. I just found out that Zazou had cholera. Thankfully that is over but now she has a fever. Please pray for her fever to go away and for her to regain her health. The fact that she goes to school tells me that her family had a little bit of money but I don't think she lives too well. Please pray,  for her family, that she would know how much God loves her, that she can succeed in school, that she would work hard, that she would know how much I love her and that she would be healthy and safe. Thank you so much for reading about this adorable little princess! Bondye beni Ou! (God bless you!) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Ben, Obed, Frantzy, and Shawn getting ready for the birthday party at the orphanage. 

Obed :) 

Shawn, Ben, Sarah, Frantzy, and Obed. 

Obed, Madison, and Zazou having fun on Tuesday night! 

Obed and Josh playing around :) 
 Obed lived in a tiny room directly across the boys bathroom on the second floor. Now we knew the Arris family would be living with us but we thought they would all be downstairs. So we were very confused when we saw this boy, who we did not even know was part of the Arris family, hanging out and sleeping on our floor. We were very suspicious of him and did not really know he was part of the Arris family until Sunday. Brenda bonded with him on Sunday and then on Monday most of the others bonded as well. I first became friends with Obed monday evening, after we came back from Megan's house. He had gone to school early in the morning and I asked him how school was. He said that it was fine, so I asked him which classes he takes. He told me that he takes Physics and Chemistry ect... I was surprised because normally we only take onee of those classes at a time. I love chemistry so I was extremely excited to talk about that! I asked him if he knew what Q=MC^T is and he looked at me like I was psycho. I laughed at his look and tried to explain it again. Q is energy, M is mass and while I was telling him this he is like no energy for us is W. I really couldn't believe it but it was fun. Then on Monday night Josh, Adam, Mack, My mom, and Myself talked to Obed for like 3 hours. My mom left after a while and then Adam joined us. I asked Obed what their weddings are like he was not very specific, I should have know that a 17 year old boy wouldn't care about wedding details. :) We talked about music, he was always singing. In the morning and late night he sung worship music and then in the middle of the day he watched MTV music videos. I asked him who his favorite singer was and he said Rhianna. I have never liked her so it was a fun seen. He would start singing one of her songs and I would try not to throw up. It was lots of fun, I'm kind of fond of her now :) Mom wanted him to know his favorite Justin Beiber song and she said it in a silly way. As soon as Adam heard her talking about JB he got all defensive, "Don't you be hatting on the Beebs." He said, " That is my little buddy, I have like adopted him." It was really cute and quite funny :) Now we had 2 lizards walking on the roof every night, and I really like lizards. So I asked Obed if he had ever held a lizard before, I will never forget his response for the rest of my life! He said, in this super diva like voice, "WHAT?!?! Why would I ever do that?!?" Oh my goodness it was so hilarious everyone was laughing for like a half hour. I asked him why he reacted like that and he said, "I don't like lizards." So then everyone started asking him if he liked other animals, bears, cats, dogs, birds, tigers ect.. He told us he dose not like any anmials at all. I was so sad because I love animals! We asked him why he never sleeps he told us, "I'm young so Im going to stay up late and wake up early and have fun. Then when Im old Ill sleep." Brenda, the mom of the group, overheard him say that and was not fond of that plan, so she let him know. It was fun to watch. :) Then Obed talked to us about memorizing the bible. He said, "I have a lot of verses memorized in French and in English." He said that when he was younger his mom made him memorize and if he didn't she would "Slap" him.  For some reason that was a really funny thing to all of us. We talked about other random things for a while and then Adam came over and Obed started playing around with him. He was like making fun of him it crazy. Josh said, "I cant believe that a little 17 year old boy is making fun of a really big football player." Obed was joking around with Adam's muscles and stuff like that. It was hilarious! We had lots of fun with Obed! He is my friend on facebook so I get to talk to him alot. Josh went down to Haiti on July 1st, so we sent a lot of stuff down with him for the Arris family, Michelle and Chantell's family.  Obed turned 17 on June 30th so we sent a lot of stuff down for his birthday. Obed just started going to the orphanage so I asked him if he saw my girls and he said he would look for them. Then he went to the orphanage again and told me he had seen Kedlene. I was very excited to hear that she was still there, even though the orphanage is bad the stuff that happens to them out of the orphanage is 12X worse. Obed offered to take letters to my girls, which is really awesome. I wrote a letter for Arianna, Kedlene, and Ketia. I put some bible verses in them and a poem telling them how wonderful God has made them. I really tried to focus on building their self esteem. I told them how much I love them, how much God loves them, how beautiful they are, and how much I want to be there holding them. He just gave the letters to the girls a few days ago. Im so thankful for that! I can not wait until I go back to Haiti and spend lots of time with Obed. Before we were kind of creeped out by him the first few days and then we found out how awesome he was. I regret not spending all the time I could with him, he is a really awesome guy. He is my best friend! :) But when I go back we will be spending like every moment together, since he is going to come to the orphanage with us and be staying at the same house as us. It is going to be lots of fun! Im going to teach him how to play the piano and he is going to teach me how to live in Haiti. He is already teaching me Creole and some things about Haiti. Please pray for Obed that God can use him in the orphanage and that his surgery will go well. Pray also for his happiness because he has lived a hard life and has not got the opportunity to be very much of a teenager. Please pray also for his future that he can figure out what God wants him to do. Thanks so much for reading this! As Obed would say, "Peace!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Frantzy spent a lot of time in the house. He did not live in the house and was not an orphan. He took out our trash. I met him on Friday night we played with moms phone it was way cool! One of the team members did not like Frantzy and because this person had leadership over me I did not spend as much time with him as I should have. Its understand able that they were skidish around Frantzy because everything was new to us and we didnt really know who to trust with our stuff. He was a 100% little boy, he was just like the boys here. It was really cute :) Frantzy was about 8 years old. He would dance with me and just play around. It was really awesome! I love Frantzy and I hope to spend more time with him next time I go. Please pray for him just to know how much God loves him, and how much I love him!  Thank you for reading this! Bondye beni ou! (God bless you, in Creole.) 


Ben has a lot more of photos of Wendy but he has not given them to anyone yet....
 I first met Wendy, on Saturday, when he came up to me with a translator to beg me to take him to the clinic.  As soon as he asked me that I felt panicked, sad, angry, and motivated to help him. I was sure that he would be in tons of pain to ask me to go so I asked the translator, who did not work for us but for "Pr." Max, to ask Wendy what hurt. The translator told me that Wendy said that nothing was wrong he only wanted to go and have fun. I stayed with him until we left to the clinic he was a really fun kid. He has a wonderful smile, and I love him so much! A few hours latter Wendy asked a translator, who worked for us, to come over and ask me why I have not taken him to the clinic yet. I explained that we would go but we had to wait until the people, who were at the clinic, came back. They were taking a really long time because Ben was leading Arianna to Christ. While the translator was still there I asked him to ask Wendy why he wanted to go to the clinic. He said that Wendy said that his arms and legs itch and are very sore. I was, then, very angry with the other translator who lied to me. Wendy's father, supposedly, is a leader of a gang and, supposedly, made Wendy shoot people. If that is true, which it wouldn't surprise me if it is, Wendy needs a lot of prayer as well as his father. Wendy is about 10 years old.  Thank you for reading this! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Haha My hair is all messed up from the kids trying to braid it. :) 

Beautiful smile!! :) 
This is Rachel, a wonderful little girl! It saddens me to make this post because I looked through everyones pictures of the orphanage, all 2,000 of them, and i did not find any pictures of her except these 2 that I took. Apparently she did not make an impact on anyone other than me. I wanted her to hang out with me I kept trying to include her in things but she refused to participate. She was wearing the same outfit every day which means she is not taken care of  very well at all! I hope she knows God loves her and that I love her. Maybe next time she will be more open with me. Please pray for her to understand her importance to God and me. I wish she would have had more fun. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sophia and Melinda

Sophia and Melinda 
Melinda and Zac, one of the guys working with Megan.

Sophia. She fell a sleep like 3 mins after I started holding her. 

She had a very bad fever, and the heat was not helping it. Thanks to God all of that heat did not bother me at all! 

Mommy got Melinda on saturday and had her until we left.

Sophia and Mack.

Sophia and Stephanie. 

First picture, at the orphanage! I was super ecstatic that I had a baby in my hands. 

This picture is so sad. It makes me think of a world hope picture. 

"I'm holding a baby!" :) 

Mom and Melinda at the clinic. 
Sophia was the first kid I held. I thought she was like 13 months old but after hearing stuff from all the people there Im pretty sure she is like 3 1/2 years old. Melinda she looks like she is 7 months old but we found out that she is about 16 months old. The kids have such poor nutrition that their bodies do not develop like ours.  It is very sad to see their bodies so far behind. Sophia is so cute!! I went to Haiti excited to hold babies and as soon as I walked in the door I had a sweet little baby, or at least I thought she was a baby, in my arms. I only held Sophia on Friday. Mom was given Melinda on Saturday and she took her to the clinic.   Mom got to give her a bag of water, which was a very cute thing to see. On Sunday when we went to the orphanage Melinda had massive bumps all over her body they were very tender and nasty looking. Mom had a hard time holding her because she couldn't touch anything without causing her pain. If having these massive bumps and nastiness wasn't enough she had a fever too. :(  Melinda is Sophia's baby sister. Please pray for healing for Melinda and Sophia, and that neither of them get worse than they already are. Pray also that they would know how much God loves them and that he will never leave them. Thank you so much!