Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello dear friends! I have been too busy to write about the wonderful ladies on my team but I would like to ask you one favor. My friend Ramces, I wrote about him earlier, is being attacked. He is in Haiti with a wife and young son. They are wonderful people who can lead Haiti to God and help in so many ways. They have already helped a lot at the Son of God Orphanage and will continue to do more. Sadly I cannot give you many details about how or who is attacking him and his family but I can ask you to pray with all your hearts for their safety. Satan knows how much this man has done, and will do, for the kingdom of God and he wants to hurt him. Please pray for him, his wife Cindy, and his little boy, who is sick right now, Zac.
Thank you SO much for your prayers! They are really needed!

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