Saturday, September 3, 2011


Mack and Evenson. The best of buddies! :)

Mack playing "spedy hands" with Arianna. :)
Mack, Evenson, and lil momma :) aka Jessica (i believe. we just called her lil momma.)

  I don’t even know how to start. Mack is a, joyful, wonderful man of God, and just an all around awesome person to spend time with! He was a really big blessing for the kids. He knew how to play with the kids, always coming up with a game right when it was needed. I had not met Mack before we went to Haiti. I had seen him before but never actually spoke to him :) Because of the people I saw him with I thought he was a completely different person then he really is! So I was reminded of how different the real Mack is, rather than the one in my head, throughout the entire week. That was fun for both of us! Though, im sure he thought i was a crazy person. On Friday night all the kids came out to see us, I unfortunately was in my "just hanging around the house in my clean clothes" and didn’t want to get them dirty. (Stupidest thing ever!) But Mack was smart and went down to play with the kids. All of the kids loved him! On Saturday I was realllllllllllllly hot! I had 3 babies who were literally thrown on me, by the older girls who take care of them. And on top of that I had several other little kids pulling on me. I could not breath. Thankfully God gave me Mack :) Mack just magically came over and helped me by taking one of the babies, her name was my love. He held her and took care of her for a really long time. Mack was my life saver! On Monday, at Megan's school, Mack and Ben handed out the crowns, representing the helmet of salvation, to all the kids.  He also walked with me to Megan's house. It was nice to have a guy with me, most of the other guys were at the back. He always made me feel protected and happy :) He was a really good friend! When we were praying for Megan and her mission, Michaelle; Megan's Haitian daughter, knocked over a pot with a plant in it. :) I was trying not to make a seen. I was going to pick it up after we finished praying. But Mack turned around and quickly picked it up for me :) Michaelle, who had just recently been given some silly putty and had no idea what it was, kept putting it next to our ears because the air bubbles made some noise. And while we were praying she had it up next to Mack's ear :) I told her to stop so we could focus on praying and she, of course, did not :) But Mack handled it all really well. On Tuesday we told the kids about David and Goliath. Then we had a birthday party, thanks to Brooks Fisher, and had a piñata! So we decided to tie that into our bible story :) Mack was David..... and Adam was Goliath. It actually worked out really well :)  

Goliath did not win because God was not with him. Thankfully he didn’t hit poor Reza who took one for the team when our plans changed!   

David, however, had God on his side and WON!!! :) Yay candy for everyone!!! Poor Reza :) look how scared he is. I video taped the "attack" after the candy was released.... Im pretty sure that was bad... Its bad here so just imagine how bad it is there! But they all loved it :) and it was a good opportunity to talk about God. Mack is awesome! Please thank him for all the wonderful things he did for the kids down in Haiti and encourage him to continue with the wonderful plan God has for him. You can also pray for him to sell more houses :) He is a up and coming realtor and could always use some more customers. Who couldn’t ? :)
Lots of LOVE!!
P.S. Im so sorry it took so long for me to post! It has been a busy, yet absolutely awesome, summer! Im settled in back home now and Ill be talking about Haiti as much as I can! :) Why would anyone want to stop talking about such a wonderful place :) Next Ill talk about Reza, Shawn, and then the girls! :)

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