Monday, May 30, 2011

Packing Day!!

I had such a wonderful time today! We went shopping and then came home and packed. Now we are eating dinner with my Aunt and cousin. I made a photo album and I wanted you to see it, so here is the link.  It was really fun for me! Tomorrow mom is working, and we will be cleaning :) Then Wednesday Marin leaves at 3:30pm and I will be at Elitches so she is going to leave without me saying good bye, but that’s ok because I'm going to be having an awesome time!!! Then we leave the church at 10am on Thursday. Unfortunately we have to go super early because we have an Arab on our team, how ridiculous is that?! Anywho it will be awesome having more time together with the team. Then we land in Miami and spend the night. Adam will meet us in Miami, since he lives in Tampa bay. Then we go to the air port at 3am and leave for Haiti!! Once we land in Haiti we will go to the guest house and unpack. Then we will go to the son of God orphanage and introduce ourselves to the kids and just play with them. We bought a small photo printer to take with us so that we can take the kids pictures during the day when we are with them and then when we go home we will print them and give them to the kids the next day. I have been told that the kids love having their pictures taken, so they are going to love this. One of the guys on our team pointed out that they probably don’t know what they look like. That was really powerful to me and it really moved me. (It made me sad too.) So I'm personally very excited to show them what they look like again, maybe even another time. This is going to be an awesome 2 weeks!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for this is such a wonderful gift!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Ok so you need to know all of these epic things that happened this week!
- Tuesday
The team met at Ms. Smiles' house. 7 of the 13 were there, and we had an awesome time together! We found out that an NFL player from the Tampa bay buccaneers had joined our team. (That’s something you don't have happen to you everyday...) We talked about the crafts and activities we would be doing as well as some things we were going to do to stay safe. One of my favorite things that we will be doing is giving the kids little cross name tags with a colorful yarn tie. When we get there we will write their names on it and as the week goes on we plan on putting stickers on their name tag as we tell them how important they are to us and God. I think it will be super wonderful!
- Friday
Mom and I went shopping for HOT SAUSE :) Trevor is going to be super excited when he sees what we have for him! We also bought most of the rest of the stuff that we needed. Including a 98.11% DEET mosquito repellent.... No way will we be bitten by any bugs!!
- Saturday
The team met to pack our checked bags with, dippers, flip flops, craft supplies, party supplies, our tents, beds, ect... (Some of us will be taking medical supplies with us on the plane, but we decided not to check anything.)
The church prayed over us after worship, it was very special to everyone!!
I got an email from Trevor that said, "I'm excited for you to come too! I haven’t seen your pretty faces in so long!"(How sweet is that?)
- Sunday
Our church prayed for the entire team 3 more times, it was wonderful!
We started putting together the "Prayer Books" that we are giving to the kids, that went really well.  On Thursday we pointed out that the kids need pens to write in their prayer books, so we planned on buying some. The next day, however, my mother found a bag of pens in the church that said "free." She recognized it as a perfect opportunity for the prayer books. (Good job mommy!) So then I counted them a few days latter, we need 68, and there are 69!! What a God send!
We also found out that one of our team members is not joining us on our trip. :( We will miss her.
Last, but most definitely not least, a very AWESOME person helped me very much today. All of you have helped me dearly but this was such a surprise and so wonderful I thought it would be ok to mention how awesome it was. Anywho this person gave me a camera. I really needed a camera because the one I was going to borrow had recently become unavailable. I wanted to thank all of you long ago but I thought it would be best if I sent your thank you cards after our trip with a photo. Thank you so much everyone!! I really couldn’t be on this trip if it were not for you! God has blessed me more that I can express!!!

P.S. We leave Thursday at 11pm. Thanks to two of my close friends we have a way to get to the airport. It is going to be so wonderful!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Night #2 where we found a giant tarantula trying to eat us....I hate spiders!!

words from Trevor

We're swimming in the Carribbean right now so be jealous!!! I am excited for
you guys(Mom & Madison) to come down here!! I have not seen your lovely faces in so
long!  Gotta run and eat so chat with you later.

Love ya, Trevor

Monday, May 23, 2011

more news from Trevor

The feasts went great yesterday!! We went to church for 3 1/2 hours on wooden benches.
Went to a concert yesterday that was wonderful.  Had the car we got home in catch fire and blow up on us when we arrived at 11pm.  Great story

Saturday, May 21, 2011

News from Trevor

Megan was in "car-foo"(that is the English punctuation) so we
taught English twice today and I watched machaelle. You will see
pictures of her when I am home.  Going to the orphanage tuesday I
think. Have not been there yet.  The girls are great!! Megan is super
women.  Again you can see more in my journal. I have to use her iPod
for Internet so it's hard to blog.  Got to run

Friday, May 20, 2011


Carolyn & Madison leave in 1 week 5 days!

e-mail conversations

Trevor: Hi mom, Thanks for getting that stuff.  She (Megan) would like as much Mac & Cheese as you can bring too.  Did you get all your shots?
Taking the typhoid pills this week. All our shots are done but an update I go back for on the 31st. You taking your malaria meds?  You should write more if you can. Love ya!

Carolyn: How are you doing?  Have you been writing in your journal?  Exciting stuff?
Trevor: Yes I have been writing in my journal.  Yes always exciting stuff.
Yes I an takin my meds.  Every day!!! Glad you are getting your shots taken care of.  What more would you like me to write about?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

e-mail from Trevor

Hello mom, all is well in Haiti.  I was wondering if you could pick up
some more stuff for me when you come see me? We went to the beach
today and it was glorious!!!!
10 bags of sunflower seeds(this woman can eat them like crazy)
The little chair things for the bottom of the legs. So they don't
squeak when you slide them.
More granola bars please. I can only eat so much rice and beans.  Ok love you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dinner before Trevor left

Relay from Trevor

Hey mom glad you got my message.  Today was fun.  And the days will
only get better.  Blog for me that I am here and saw the land where
the school will be and that I got owned at soccer.  Food is
interesting or lack there of.  Excited to see you here!! Live you all

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trevor has arrived

Trevor arrived in Haiti the afternoon of May 11th.  He will post as soon as he can.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It is 7:55 and we are off to Texas road house for one last American meal.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.  I will try and keep up on the happenings from down there for all you guys.