Monday, May 30, 2011

Packing Day!!

I had such a wonderful time today! We went shopping and then came home and packed. Now we are eating dinner with my Aunt and cousin. I made a photo album and I wanted you to see it, so here is the link.  It was really fun for me! Tomorrow mom is working, and we will be cleaning :) Then Wednesday Marin leaves at 3:30pm and I will be at Elitches so she is going to leave without me saying good bye, but that’s ok because I'm going to be having an awesome time!!! Then we leave the church at 10am on Thursday. Unfortunately we have to go super early because we have an Arab on our team, how ridiculous is that?! Anywho it will be awesome having more time together with the team. Then we land in Miami and spend the night. Adam will meet us in Miami, since he lives in Tampa bay. Then we go to the air port at 3am and leave for Haiti!! Once we land in Haiti we will go to the guest house and unpack. Then we will go to the son of God orphanage and introduce ourselves to the kids and just play with them. We bought a small photo printer to take with us so that we can take the kids pictures during the day when we are with them and then when we go home we will print them and give them to the kids the next day. I have been told that the kids love having their pictures taken, so they are going to love this. One of the guys on our team pointed out that they probably don’t know what they look like. That was really powerful to me and it really moved me. (It made me sad too.) So I'm personally very excited to show them what they look like again, maybe even another time. This is going to be an awesome 2 weeks!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for this is such a wonderful gift!!!!

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