Thursday, June 9, 2011

We are back from Haiti!!

Bonswa! (Good evening) How is everyone? What was it like in Colorado for the past week? It was wonderful and horrible at the same time in Haiti. There is so much to tell, we can’t wait to tell you all the stories. We are going to have a photo and story sharing time as soon as we get everyone's photos. Im going to write a story or something like that every day because it could take forever to tell all the stories! We are all safe and kinda happy to be home. Im so thankful to everyone you guys have been such a blessing to us, you will never fully understand. I would ask for your prayers to help me understand Gods will for me. Right now he is leading me to go every 3 months. My family and I really need help with that decision so we will be very grateful for all of your prayers. Everything went "well". We are all alive and no one is sick, yet... Thank you so so so so much. I love you all and hope to talk with you soon!!
Love, Madison

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