Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Story #6


Robenskey is the boy in the white.
 My dear friend Robenskey was the first kid I met in Haiti. When we arrived at the orphanage on Friday some people were saying its not the orphanage but I thought it looked like it, but we were all pretty confused. So then to add to my confusion this little boy comes up to me and puts his hand out. Now I had been told that kids would come up to us and beg and that we would have to tell them no. So when I saw this little child holding his hand out I thought he was begging so I told him that I did not have any money. After I told him no like 8 times he grabbed my hand and gave me this look like, "Dummy I want to hold your hand." It made me feel so bad, this little guy just wanted me to hold his hand and I kept telling him no. Thankfully it didn’t scare him away. He came and took me into the orphanage everyday and stayed with me for a while. He wanted to have me all to himself, he would hit away any other kids that came up to me. He just wanted to be loved.  I love Robenskey so much! He is a wonderful kid and I cant wait to be with him again!

Robenskey was feeling my "blan"(white, or in this case white person) hair and then 2 boys and a girl came and started braiding my hair. Of course it wouldn’t stay because my hair is not like theirs, but they sure had fun trying. Next time I go I'm going to bring little ties so they can braid my hair if they want to.  It was so fun and super sweet of them.

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