Monday, June 13, 2011

Story # 2

Jameson is a very sweet little boy. I should have asked him how old he was but thins were so crazy. I would say he is about 13. The first time I was there Jameson came and introduced himself to me he said, "My name is Jameson. What is your name?" I introduced myself and then asked a translator to ask him what makes him happy, I wanted to learn more about him and try to build a relationship. He said, "That Jesus is in my heart, (when he said that he put his hand over his heart) and that you came to see me (as he pointed toward me)" That was really special to me because I was comforted with the knowledge that he knew God was in his heart and was never going to leave him, and his sweet comment to me assured me that I'm there for a reason. The next day Jameson found me and took me over to his translator. He had the translator give me a letter and explain it. The letter said, "I love you I love you ever (meaning forever) I always want to be by your side, I love you." Once I finished reading it, Jameson, wrapped around my side and just stayed there until we divided into boys and girls. Jameson was, still is, and always will be, very special to me. 
I hope he can inspire you too. 
Adam Hayward and Jameson

Robenskey, Jameson, Me, and Kedlene 

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