Thursday, June 16, 2011

Story # 3


Kedlene, the sweetest little girl ever!, came and found me on Sunday. No one had seen her before, and we had been there for 2 days. She just came up and held my left side until the moment I left. She was so attached to me, it was awesome! On Sunday we gave everyone stickers. My stickers were hearts. I made sure everyone got one of my stickers. Every time I gave someone a sticker I would say, "Mwen ramen" (which means I love you.) Kadlene would leave me and go get stickers from all the other people, come back to me, and then put them all over me. She gave up her stickers for me :( : ) :) I stayed with her all day Sunday and Tuesday. It did not seem like only two days, that sounds kinda silly but she was always by my side. I asked a translator to talk to her about how she got to SOG and he said that she said that both of her parents are alive but she didnt live with them, that makes me think she was a slave, then she said that the lady that she did live with abused her so she left. I asked her what she liked doing and she said cleaning and doing choires. But both the translator and myself didnt believe that, thats what makes her happy. We think she was saying that because she was trying to market herself, which also makes me think she was a slave. She said she is 12 years old, which could also mean that she is 11, thats how they count their birthdays there. I failed and didnt ask her very many questions, I couldnt think of any. But now that I think about it I'm coming up with tons of questions that I'm going to ask her when I go back. Once all my other kids had left to do something and she stayed there so I picked her up and sat her in my lap, I would rock her like a baby that made her laugh. One of the girls on the trip, with me, took a picture of her on my lap, but we havnt shared photos yet, we are doing that on the 25th. Anywho that was a special moment for her and I. She was doing chores on Sunday and had to leave me but when I noitced that she was gone I started calling for her, Max's wife herd me calling for her and sent a little girl to go get her. Kedlene was so happy when she was relieved from her work. Kedlene is wayyy shorter than I am, so sometimes we would be siting down and she would catch me looking at her and get all scrunched up and blushful. She would smile and then nestel her face into my arm, it was so cute! I would sing her songs like, "Kedlene, Kedlend mwen remen mwen remen Kedlene Kedlene tre bell tre bell. Which would make her blush and smile like crazy :) (Those words translate to I love you and your beautiful.) She was, is, and always will be the most Amazing person in the world!! Im so going to adopt her. At first I thought that would be pointless but by time im 18 she will only be 14 so most definitely not pointless :) only 2 more years and she is mine!! No one will ever be able to hurt her again! Sorry I have some serious passion for this girl. Tuesday night I put Band-Aids on some of the sores on her legs because, youll find out latter when I tell you about Samanda, they split open and nasty thing happen. So I was trying to prevent the nastiness. When I finished trying to find the worst ones and putting the Band-Aids on it I stood up and she looked up at me and said, "Thank you." (in english) That still makes me cry. Then we told all the kids that we were going to leave, I told Kedlene that I would come back but that didnt stop her from crying. All the kids came to hug me goodbye but kedlene stayed there the whole time hugging me. So when everyone was done hugging me i looked down at her and she was crying. I cant believe she was crying she loves me too much! We left very poorly and I dont know why but it was really bad. I did not get a chance to say goodbye to Kedlene, instead she was pried from my body as we left. Like i said it was really horrible. You guys seem to be interested in my stories from Haiti so I wanted to tell you about the best part. Im sorry this is probably the worst blog I have written, bad order, grammar, and spelling. I hope you can see past that and realize how wonderful the kids are down there and how much they need our help. They will surly be thankful, even for the littlest things. My goal is to give them everything they deserve I would really like your prayers to help me understand how God wants me to do this and to help the people who will help me do what he wants me to do. Thank you for your interest and your prayers! 
This is what her blushful smile looks like, isn't it the cutest? 

She looks sad but she isn't really

This is the exact spot she came and found me at. 


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