Saturday, June 18, 2011

Story #4


Ramces is like totally awesome!!! I dont even know where to start.... let me just tell you what he does, at least everything that I know he does. He meets us at the airport so that we dont die! He gets us busses and tap taps and tells them not to go down the roads of sudden death. He helps us tell the kids what we are doing, and not only tell them but do hand motions and awesome stuff like that. He gets the kids into the story and activitivies. Gosh he is amazing! He helped us learn creole words like I love you and Im going to miss you. He helped me write a letter to, Kedlene, Ariana, and Jameson. He helped me talk to Chattel, whom you will hear about soon! He helped us go to church and understand what we were supposed to do there :) He translated the whole service and was super amazing, even on his day off. He has led all the kids from the orphanage to christ. He has helped soooo many others become christians and I dont doubt for a second that he wont continue to lead them to him. Ramces has a georgious, and very helpful and skillful, wife named Cindy. They have an addorible little boy Zac who is 10 months old. His wife, Cindy makes jewelry, thats another awesome thing about him. I asked him if i could buy some of her jewelry and he brought it to me. Then on our last day he had one of his friends bring his, bracelets, necklaces, flip-flops, headbands, and really cool shirt things. He did that because he knew we never had the chance to go to a market. What a wonderful man! 
All of the other translators showed "inappropriate affection" to Stephanie and myself. Ramces was the only one we were, and are safe with. He takes the food that we provide to the orphanage every 3 days, which means he is really dedicated and loves those kids a lot. He also buys and takes baby formula and bottles for the babies, he brings those so that the babies dont have to eat rice. He is so caring to those kids you can never understand. I dont think I even understand how amazing he is. Ramces is the only reason we can even go to Haiti, without him we wouldn't have someone to translate, get us transportation, or help us find a house. Without him all of those kids would die and die without God in their hearts and lives. He is the greatest blessing to these children that they will ever get! Im so thankful for Ramces he is a walking marcie. I hope you can understand how helpful he is and thank him, because he is not thanked enough! I would also like you to pray for him and his family to be safe and to know how much God, and us, loves them. 

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