Friday, April 29, 2011


Today Carolyn and Madison received their passports in the mail, very exciting!!!! We have an appointment to get our immunizations on May 3rd. We downloaded the ByKi Haitian Creole language trial and we are excited to do some learning.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Friends!

The Laughlin Family would like to thank you for your interest in our mission trips this summer! We would like to keep you up dated with what’s going on, before the trip's, during the trip's, and afterward. So far we know that Trevor is leaving on May 11th and will meet up with a few people in Miami and then go to Haiti where he will stay helping the Respite Haiti organization until June 19th. Carolyn and Madison will be leaving, with about 15 people, from Denver to Miami on Thursday June 2nd. We will spend the night in Miami and then leave for Haiti at around 5am Friday morning. When we arrive we plan on going to the guest house and drop off our luggage and eat. Then we will drive to the Son of God orphanage where we will introduce ourselves to all of the kids, one of the ladies going with us has already been to the Son of God orphanage and said that this would be the least chaotic part of our trip. :) She also said that all of the kids love having their pictures taken and really want you to remember their names. Once we have met all of the kids we will start taking them to the clinic down the street and make sure everyone is doing well. We plan on spending two days helping with the medical needs of the orphans and then three days playing with the kids and sharing God's love. The orphans do not get to go out side and play, because there is no where to play and taking them somewhere is too costly; since we have to rent a bus, and there is not enough staff to make sure all of the kids are protected. But since we will be there we are hoping on taking them to the beach for a day. In planning for our trip Madison and Carolyn have ordered their passports and made an appointment to get their immunization shots. Carolyn needs to get four shots and Madison has to get seven. Since Trevor went to Peru all he needs is more malaria medicine. We are all excited to share God's love with Haiti, but we also have some things that we are looking forward to. Madison is really excited to get pictures with all of the kids, to go through security at all of the airports, to spend time with all of the wonderful people on our team, to run into Trevor in a foreign country, to play on the beach with all of the kids, to embarrass herself as she sings Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World in French, and is super excited to hold and take care of the babies!!! Carolyn is excited to go on her first mission’s trip and is looking forward to the possibility of taking the kids to the beach.  She also thinks it will be strange seeing Trevor in Haiti.
Once again thank you for your prayers.
Carolyn and Madison. God bless.