Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Story #5

Princess Samanda
I just started calling her princess Samanda, I wish I would have thought of that while I was still with her. But she certainly is God's princess and mine.  We went to the clinic on Saturday and as we waited outside the clinic my mom and I noticed something on her foot. She had a hole on the left side of her left  ankle, it looked like one of her sores had stretched so much that her skin tore into a hole. Now there were 300-400 tiny ants going in the hole and coming out with stuff, like from inside her body!!! There were flys and gnats on her but I did not see those until Sunday at the orphanage. When we noticed it she wasn’t complaining, like I would if I even saw a bug not to mention bugs going inside to my body!! No, she was singing Jesus loves me. She is so strong!! I totally wanted to through up, pass out, and die right there and then. This was like the worst thing that I discovered. There was worse stuff that happened like Arianna's story. (Which you will hear soon.) But it was really hard for me to handle. I couldn’t believe how nice, sweet, strong and totally wonderful this little girl is and why such horrible things would happen to her.  After we went home and I told some people Shawn started taking care of her. (He is such an AWESOME man!! He really helped me too.)  On Sunday he took a empty sticker sheet and she made it clear to us that she was in pain. He looked up at me and we both just felt so horrible! It made me so sick that a few mins latter when I was up stairs I couldn’t help but cry. This girl really moved me her strength and her love for God its just unbelievable! On Tuesday Shawn brought her band-aids, she was very thankful because she was in a lot of pain. Then, after we broke the piƱata, some girl came up and started hitting her. My mom stepped in and told the other girl not to do that and as soon as the other girl left, princess Samanda, just started balling. She was just super hurt emotionally and physically. She was just about to run away in shame when mom caught her and held her. After a little bit princesses Samanda felt better and held mommy back. She couldn’t be more than 8 years old but she was stronger then I will ever be. I really want her to know how much we love her and how special she is. Maybe you can pray that she will be comforted with God's love and ours. 
Thank you so much for your support and interest!
P.S. I'm writing about all the kids that made an impact on my mom and I from the orphanage and then I can write about the people at our home or at Megan’s house then I'll write about stories. I thought if I introduced you to all the people and told you their story then when I tell what happened in order then you will know who I'm talking about. Also I just wanted you to know that you can comment on these posts if you want to. (That would actually be exciting for me.)  You guys are awesome!! I love you!! 

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