Thursday, July 21, 2011


Madison and Zazou <3

Obed, Madison, and adorable Zazou!!! :) 

Zazou going to school 

She is so cute!!!

I love Zazou so much!! I first met her on Sunday, after we came back from the orphanage. Ramces was there with one of his friends. Ramces said something that made us think that Zazou was his friends daughter. So we kept asking Ramces if it was ok for to do things like eat dinner. We asked Ramces thinking he would ask his friend. Every time we asked him he gave us a look like why do you keep asking me about her? Im not her father. It was very strange for us. She was shy at first but I went over and started playing with her. I was holding her sitting on the edge of the balcony. Zazou had a pretty pink crayon in her hand, and when she showed me her big beautiful smile I saw a little pink residue on her back molar. I asked her, in Creole, if she ate the crayon. She had this embarrassed look and said, "No."  I thought her lie was cute, wrong, but cute. Shawn was freaking out about me sitting on the edge of the balcony by myself once I was sitting with a squeamish little girl he made me get off. Shawn gave me his lawn chair. I sat Zazou on my lap and turned her front toward mine. She started playing patty cake with me, it was really cute! Then she would bump her head against mine and say, "oww." I puffed up my cheek so that when she rammed her head on my face it wouldn't hurt. She saw it as another game and started pushing out the air in my cheeks. Then Ramces and his friend left. We were like, "Why did you leave your daughter?" We are like yelling at Ramces to come back and we asked Obed to talk to her and find out why he left her. Obed started laughing and said, "That is not her dad this is James' cousin." We laughed for a long time and I continued to play with her. Sadly Frantzy came to take her home. Then she came over on Monday and Brenda played with her for a little bit. After a while I got Zazou and held her until she had to go home. Zazou came over on Tuesday night and we played patty cake and the cheek thingy. Then I remembered that my mom brought nail polish, she was going to paint the girls nails at the orphanage. I told Zazou to stay there and ran to go get the pink and pink nail polish. I asked her which shade she liked best and she picked the shade that looked exactly like the crayon she had on Sunday. I started painting her nails, in the dark, and then Shawn came over and held a flashlight for me. I showed her how to blow dry her nails, she listened really well. It made me so proud of her! When I was finished doing her hands and feet I carried her around showing them to all the people in the house. I wanted her to feel special. They all said, "Tres bel." Which means very beautiful. It made her smile and glow! I was so happy that she was smiling. Then everyone wanted me to pack for Wednesday so I went into our room, holding Zazou, and started packing. I sat her right next to me and she just stayed there until I was done. I gave her a starburst and she was fiddling with it while she waited. When I was done I went out to the front of the house and got her another starburst. When she saw that I was going to give her another one she started to eat the one she had, with the wrapper still on it. I tried to take it from her and she was not very happy. Finally I got it from her, took the wrapper off and gave it to her. She was all grumpy but when I gave it to her she started sucking on it and chewing on it turned her frown upside down. It was almost like a baby screaming at the top of their lungs and then giving them a pacifier and they suck on it. It was really fun. She did not need my help anymore after that. It was fun taking pictures with her and she got to stay a lot longer than she had before. It was a very fun night with her, but of course Frantzy came to take her away. I remembered Wednesday morning that I never said goodbye to her. Thankfully Josh got to take some stuff down,  for her, with him in July. I just found out that Zazou had cholera. Thankfully that is over but now she has a fever. Please pray for her fever to go away and for her to regain her health. The fact that she goes to school tells me that her family had a little bit of money but I don't think she lives too well. Please pray,  for her family, that she would know how much God loves her, that she can succeed in school, that she would work hard, that she would know how much I love her and that she would be healthy and safe. Thank you so much for reading about this adorable little princess! Bondye beni Ou! (God bless you!) 

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