Sunday, July 10, 2011



The most beautiful woman I have ever seen! 

The exact place were she accepted Jesus into her heart. 

She looks so young in this picture. I guess that is because she is young,
but I always thought of her as the same age as me. 
Arianna is the most beautiful, kind, sweet, caring, joyful woman you will ever meet! She is 12 years old! Just a baby. :) I met her on sunday and continued to connect with her until we left. She spoke a lot of english! I was super surprised at that. She also spoke French and of course Creole. I did not know any of this until I got back, but Arianna had only been at the orphanage for 2 days before we got there! Just before she arrived she had been abducted and sexually assaulted. Ben was talking to her on Saturday while she was waiting at the clinic and learned about this. He was unsure of what to do for her? How could a man comfort a little girl that had just gone through that? He says he felt the spirt leading him to share the gospel, so that is what he did! She accepted Jesus into her heart right then and there! I'm the super excited to see her in heaven  where her pain and suffering will end and she can be safe. I got the opportunity to hold her and love her all day sunday and then a lot on tuesday. Earlier in the morning, on Tuesday, she was sitting next to me and I was telling her how beautiful she is and how much God and I love her, when she said to me, "You my mom?"  Man that made me so happy and sad I wanted to cry! How wonderful that she would want me to be her mom! And how terrible that a 12 year old girl would even have to consider a 16 year old girl her mother?  It was a great honor to me that out of all the wonderful ladies there, who all loved and cared for her, that she would pick me to have the honor of being called her mom. Im very scared for my little girl because she is in this horrible place, without any love from her parents, who knows if they are alive?, and has just been attacked by the devil for no reason! She was not sick when we left but I fear that being exposed to all of those different sickness after being healthy will turn out really poorly. I would love it if you could pray for her, that she would know how much God loves her, how much I love her, and that her life is going to get better.  Thank you for reading this, I feel that when you hear their stories they impact your heart and show you how much they need love, help, and most importantly prayer! 
God bless you and your family!
P.S. I now have a way to send messages to the kids at the orphanage, if you would like to say something, a bible verse, word of encouragement, a poem, whatever you feel led to say, please email me, at, and I will make sure it gets to them! Thanks again! 

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