Tuesday, July 12, 2011



This link takes you to a picture of Bettina and her mom Betty. 

Bettina literally is the most adorible little girl ever!!! She is 4 years old, her mom Betty is 15. Both of them live in the orphanage. When I walked into the cortyard, on saturday, Bettina put her arms up for me to hold her, and I held her until Tuesday. She reminds me of the jungle book. Why? I know not but maybe this picture will explain my thought.
Any-who. I had fun holding her all day saturday. Thankfully she made it to the clinic. I took her because she had fallen asleep on me and I didn't want to wake her up. Yay she will be partly healthy for the next 3 months!! On Sunday, when I was holding her, she started singing, I'm free, by the newsboy's, it was SUPER adorable!! I had lots of fun holding her on Tuesday, as well. When we were upstairs drawing creation wheels. She was asking one of the girls, who had a bag of crayons, for a certain color. When the little girl did not give her that color, but a relatively ugly color, Bettina started hitting her. So I grabbed her hands and then she started kicking her! So I grabbed her hands and feet, she was not very happy... at all. I told her, in Creole, that she needed to tell the girl that she was sorry... She stubbornly refused, but it did not help that the little girl was saying, "yeah, say your sorry." So Bettina saw Ben and ran over to him. They had loads of fun together for the rest of the night. :) She was very well taken care of, which is a good thing. It is just sad because she is favored over all the other kids. Of course she needs our prayers! I would recommend praying for her 15 year old mom! Betty who is a baby herself and has no one to care for her while she cares for her sweet baby.. But I want you to pray how, when, and who you feel moved by the sprit to pray. Thank you so much for your support!! 

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