Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Ben, Obed, Frantzy, and Shawn getting ready for the birthday party at the orphanage. 

Obed :) 

Shawn, Ben, Sarah, Frantzy, and Obed. 

Obed, Madison, and Zazou having fun on Tuesday night! 

Obed and Josh playing around :) 
 Obed lived in a tiny room directly across the boys bathroom on the second floor. Now we knew the Arris family would be living with us but we thought they would all be downstairs. So we were very confused when we saw this boy, who we did not even know was part of the Arris family, hanging out and sleeping on our floor. We were very suspicious of him and did not really know he was part of the Arris family until Sunday. Brenda bonded with him on Sunday and then on Monday most of the others bonded as well. I first became friends with Obed monday evening, after we came back from Megan's house. He had gone to school early in the morning and I asked him how school was. He said that it was fine, so I asked him which classes he takes. He told me that he takes Physics and Chemistry ect... I was surprised because normally we only take onee of those classes at a time. I love chemistry so I was extremely excited to talk about that! I asked him if he knew what Q=MC^T is and he looked at me like I was psycho. I laughed at his look and tried to explain it again. Q is energy, M is mass and while I was telling him this he is like no energy for us is W. I really couldn't believe it but it was fun. Then on Monday night Josh, Adam, Mack, My mom, and Myself talked to Obed for like 3 hours. My mom left after a while and then Adam joined us. I asked Obed what their weddings are like he was not very specific, I should have know that a 17 year old boy wouldn't care about wedding details. :) We talked about music, he was always singing. In the morning and late night he sung worship music and then in the middle of the day he watched MTV music videos. I asked him who his favorite singer was and he said Rhianna. I have never liked her so it was a fun seen. He would start singing one of her songs and I would try not to throw up. It was lots of fun, I'm kind of fond of her now :) Mom wanted him to know his favorite Justin Beiber song and she said it in a silly way. As soon as Adam heard her talking about JB he got all defensive, "Don't you be hatting on the Beebs." He said, " That is my little buddy, I have like adopted him." It was really cute and quite funny :) Now we had 2 lizards walking on the roof every night, and I really like lizards. So I asked Obed if he had ever held a lizard before, I will never forget his response for the rest of my life! He said, in this super diva like voice, "WHAT?!?! Why would I ever do that?!?" Oh my goodness it was so hilarious everyone was laughing for like a half hour. I asked him why he reacted like that and he said, "I don't like lizards." So then everyone started asking him if he liked other animals, bears, cats, dogs, birds, tigers ect.. He told us he dose not like any anmials at all. I was so sad because I love animals! We asked him why he never sleeps he told us, "I'm young so Im going to stay up late and wake up early and have fun. Then when Im old Ill sleep." Brenda, the mom of the group, overheard him say that and was not fond of that plan, so she let him know. It was fun to watch. :) Then Obed talked to us about memorizing the bible. He said, "I have a lot of verses memorized in French and in English." He said that when he was younger his mom made him memorize and if he didn't she would "Slap" him.  For some reason that was a really funny thing to all of us. We talked about other random things for a while and then Adam came over and Obed started playing around with him. He was like making fun of him it crazy. Josh said, "I cant believe that a little 17 year old boy is making fun of a really big football player." Obed was joking around with Adam's muscles and stuff like that. It was hilarious! We had lots of fun with Obed! He is my friend on facebook so I get to talk to him alot. Josh went down to Haiti on July 1st, so we sent a lot of stuff down with him for the Arris family, Michelle and Chantell's family.  Obed turned 17 on June 30th so we sent a lot of stuff down for his birthday. Obed just started going to the orphanage so I asked him if he saw my girls and he said he would look for them. Then he went to the orphanage again and told me he had seen Kedlene. I was very excited to hear that she was still there, even though the orphanage is bad the stuff that happens to them out of the orphanage is 12X worse. Obed offered to take letters to my girls, which is really awesome. I wrote a letter for Arianna, Kedlene, and Ketia. I put some bible verses in them and a poem telling them how wonderful God has made them. I really tried to focus on building their self esteem. I told them how much I love them, how much God loves them, how beautiful they are, and how much I want to be there holding them. He just gave the letters to the girls a few days ago. Im so thankful for that! I can not wait until I go back to Haiti and spend lots of time with Obed. Before we were kind of creeped out by him the first few days and then we found out how awesome he was. I regret not spending all the time I could with him, he is a really awesome guy. He is my best friend! :) But when I go back we will be spending like every moment together, since he is going to come to the orphanage with us and be staying at the same house as us. It is going to be lots of fun! Im going to teach him how to play the piano and he is going to teach me how to live in Haiti. He is already teaching me Creole and some things about Haiti. Please pray for Obed that God can use him in the orphanage and that his surgery will go well. Pray also for his happiness because he has lived a hard life and has not got the opportunity to be very much of a teenager. Please pray also for his future that he can figure out what God wants him to do. Thanks so much for reading this! As Obed would say, "Peace!"

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