Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ben has a lot more of photos of Wendy but he has not given them to anyone yet....
 I first met Wendy, on Saturday, when he came up to me with a translator to beg me to take him to the clinic.  As soon as he asked me that I felt panicked, sad, angry, and motivated to help him. I was sure that he would be in tons of pain to ask me to go so I asked the translator, who did not work for us but for "Pr." Max, to ask Wendy what hurt. The translator told me that Wendy said that nothing was wrong he only wanted to go and have fun. I stayed with him until we left to the clinic he was a really fun kid. He has a wonderful smile, and I love him so much! A few hours latter Wendy asked a translator, who worked for us, to come over and ask me why I have not taken him to the clinic yet. I explained that we would go but we had to wait until the people, who were at the clinic, came back. They were taking a really long time because Ben was leading Arianna to Christ. While the translator was still there I asked him to ask Wendy why he wanted to go to the clinic. He said that Wendy said that his arms and legs itch and are very sore. I was, then, very angry with the other translator who lied to me. Wendy's father, supposedly, is a leader of a gang and, supposedly, made Wendy shoot people. If that is true, which it wouldn't surprise me if it is, Wendy needs a lot of prayer as well as his father. Wendy is about 10 years old.  Thank you for reading this! 

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