Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sophia and Melinda

Sophia and Melinda 
Melinda and Zac, one of the guys working with Megan.

Sophia. She fell a sleep like 3 mins after I started holding her. 

She had a very bad fever, and the heat was not helping it. Thanks to God all of that heat did not bother me at all! 

Mommy got Melinda on saturday and had her until we left.

Sophia and Mack.

Sophia and Stephanie. 

First picture, at the orphanage! I was super ecstatic that I had a baby in my hands. 

This picture is so sad. It makes me think of a world hope picture. 

"I'm holding a baby!" :) 

Mom and Melinda at the clinic. 
Sophia was the first kid I held. I thought she was like 13 months old but after hearing stuff from all the people there Im pretty sure she is like 3 1/2 years old. Melinda she looks like she is 7 months old but we found out that she is about 16 months old. The kids have such poor nutrition that their bodies do not develop like ours.  It is very sad to see their bodies so far behind. Sophia is so cute!! I went to Haiti excited to hold babies and as soon as I walked in the door I had a sweet little baby, or at least I thought she was a baby, in my arms. I only held Sophia on Friday. Mom was given Melinda on Saturday and she took her to the clinic.   Mom got to give her a bag of water, which was a very cute thing to see. On Sunday when we went to the orphanage Melinda had massive bumps all over her body they were very tender and nasty looking. Mom had a hard time holding her because she couldn't touch anything without causing her pain. If having these massive bumps and nastiness wasn't enough she had a fever too. :(  Melinda is Sophia's baby sister. Please pray for healing for Melinda and Sophia, and that neither of them get worse than they already are. Pray also that they would know how much God loves them and that he will never leave them. Thank you so much! 

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