Sunday, September 4, 2011


Reza playing patty cake with Mickelson :)

Reza showing a father's love to some girls who really needed it.

Jezula, Adam, Reza, James and some wonderful boys.

Reza and a little boy holding the pictures of what makes them happy.

This is the most adorable picture on the face of the planet! Reza and, his sponsor child, James

Reza was our pastor on the trip. He had to do a funeral so he did not leave on Thursday with us. He came to our house, in Haiti. on Saturday. Reza did a CSU coaching thing like 8 years ago and met Adam, the nfl football player. They formed a relationship and thanks to Reza, Adam, is the wonderful Christian man that he is today! (Adam said that, I didn’t just make that up.) Reza had to make A LOT of decisions, that concerned the well being of the kids and our team, at the drop of a hat. He did not always make the right choice, but at the time it was best. He was always worried about our safety and the kids. I'm thankful for all of the decisions that he made! Im blown away at how easily he could form a speech. I guess its just the way he talks, but we would see that talking to the kids would be a really good idea and without any notice he would give a speech that was just AWESOME! He did that all the time! When we were at church they said, "hay come on up here and tell us about your team." He went up there and did a wonderful job. He did things like that all the time. It was really wonderful! He was another guy who always made sure i was ok. Because of his age it was easier for him to comfort me whereas the other boys who are like 20  couldn’t give me that kind of attention.  He helped Ramces and Bernard to better share the gospel, which was awesome! He gave me the opportunity to go and see Megan, her house, Michaelle, and grassier! Which I'm very thankful for! Tuesday, when we were doing the birthday party for all the kids, we had a piñata. And we planed to hang it on the clothes line that was hanging across the entire courtyard. But when we hung it on the line it fell to the ground..... Reza, bravely, picked it up and let two very strong men swing a stick at him... while they were BLINDFOLDED! He is a brave and strong leader. Or he is just really stupid :) (but we all know what he did was brave and a wonderful thing!) On Tuesday night, while we were having a team meeting, Reza was afraid that Races, who never showed up at the time he told us he would, wouldn’t show up on time :) so he told us that if the line to get into the airport was really long we could pay the guys who carry baggage to carry our baggage and they could get us into the airport faster. Now good o'l Reza felt that it might not be the best thing to bribe our way to the front of the line. So to solve everyone's problems I gave my little kid idea :) "You know when you go to Disney and they let you get those things called fast passes? Well we could think of it like when we hire someone to carry our luggage we get a bonus free pass at the same time!" Everyone loved the analogy and it eased Reza's mind. :) We ended up not using out fast passes, even though Ramces and the bus showed up very late! Now Reza is Arabic. So when all the people kept calling us "blan's" (white) we asked Reza when the last time he was called white :) and he agreed that he was not used to it :) It was pretty fun. Thanks to God he did not have very much problems at the airport, like he has in the past... silly airport people! He got along with the kids really well! I mean how many 30 year old men do you see playing patty cake? :)  He went in August and when we went, James his sponsor friend, remembered him! That was really special :) Reza is still nice to me and I get to see him often :) Please pray for him because he is CRAZY busy! He does 970, he is starting a new church, he has a family, and somehow he's still totally awesome! I cant believe he took off a week to come to Haiti, to love on the kids, and to protect us! He is a totally awesome person! Im very thankful to God for the blessing we have in Reza!
Thanks so much for your prayers, support, and interest!
P.S. we get to talk about Shawn next! :) then the girls :)

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