Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kettia #3

The first time I talked about her I told you she was treated soo poorly at the son of god orphanage. I told you, “I don’t think that she will make it alive to September.” Then I told you that she weighed 11 pounds and that life for her did not look too bright. I also mentioned that she went missing and that a LOT of people thought that she had died. It was a quite reasonable thing to think, I mean how long can a 7 year old live at 11 pounds!?  I never fully believed that Kettia was dead, but with the situation and so many people saying she was dead, it crossed my mind a few times. I kept re-quoting myself, “I cant wait till the day when she, who used to be 11 pounds, is reading and learning from my 11 pound physics book!”  Now I tell you that Kettia is ALIVE!!! I cant tell you how awesome it is to hear that and to say it! My little baby is alive and well! She is running and playing and safe!! In October she couldn’t stand on her own. Now she is running!! Im so excited! My hopes for her future have gotten so much better! Praise the Lord! He is so awesome! I have, in my mind, adopted all of these children as my own. Especially the ones I connected with on higher levels. If you don’t understand how amazing this is let me tell you how I feel. My child, who was spoken of that she was dead, is ALIVE!!! My life is a never ending blessing from God! Things like this are just great examples of that! Seriously, this is like better than anything that has, and maybe even, will happen to me!
What a wonderful day! I was fired from my job, which was a blessing in so many ways, as well as a problem. It was too hard for school and physically it was abusive. Now, however, I wont be making any more money for my trips to Haiti so I hope that all works out. God has a plan, always has, and im just a leaf on the water, waiting for his wave of instruction to carry me on. I have never been sure of anything, aside from the fact that God is God, in my life that Haiti is where he wants me to be. I know I talked about Turkiye and how I thought that God wanted me to be there, but truthfully it was a selfish desire, that had nothing to do with God. Haiti is all about God for me! It helps me be the person God wants me to be and I want to be. It helps the people Im around. Im blessed to have God’s love! I hope this news is awesome to you! Thanks for your support!
I love you all so much!
Please continue to pray for the missing children! Also please pray for us as we try to go to Haiti this Christmas. If you have any questions about our plans for our trip please let me know! We need as much support and prayer as we can get! My email is coolkim333@yahoo.com
You guys are awesome!

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