Monday, November 7, 2011

The Story Summary

On the way back from the trip the leaders called my brother, Trevor, and asked him to go to Haiti A.S.A.P. (That was on Tuesday October 25th) Trevor soon found out that he would need to bring all the food that he was going to need for the next 2 ½ months and several supplies for the girls at the orphanage. They need to be nurtured back to health so protein shakes and other medications like that was what Trevor bought. The kids at Megan’s school cannot go to school without shoes. Haiti has a, strange but, strict dress code policy. So we got like half a million shoes for them J and then we found out that the girls at the orphanage could not go to church because they did not have any dresses or skirts. We got a lot of those too J We packed 4 crates of 50 pounds worth of all of that stuff, but had to scatter it between all of the boxes for weight reasons. Then Trevor had 1 bag of clothes, which were in space bags. He also had 2 carry on bags. On Tuesday, a week after the leaders asked him to go to Haiti, we drove Trevor and his 300 pounds worth of luggage to the airport. There were some last minute details that we needed to be done, and they put us an hour behind. Finally we arrived at the airport! Mom went to park the car and we went to go get the bags checked. After they had all been weighed the lady told us that it would cost $500!!! We called our missions Pastor, who was paying for the luggage because it had all of the girl’s supplies in it, and told him how much it would cost… He told us that we were going to have to cut out 2 crates! So, now running even more than an hour behind, started pulling stuff out and replacing the stuff that Trevor really wanted but didn’t really need. Finally we got him all squared away and sent off! He flew from Denver to Dallas and waited there for 3 hours. Then he flew to Fort Lauderdale where he spent the night. Then he left first thing Wednesday to Haiti. He arrived safely and has been having a wonderful time! He is staying at Megan’s house in Gressier. Megan is not there right now but Trevor is having lots of fun playing with his old pall Michaelle and his new friend, Michaelles sister, Jessica. He went to the girl’s orphanage on Thursday for about 5 minutes. He told me Thursday night that he saw Kedlene,

one of my girls, and that she remembered me. He said that she told him to tell me hi J He told me that she looked very healthy! That was pretty amazing news!!! He went to the beach, and from the looks of the pictures had a lot of fun! He got to go back to the girl’s orphanage and spend some time with them. He took this picture with Kedlene   

 J  (She is the girl on the left.) And he has been having fun celebrating his birthday and spending time with Michaelle and Jessica. He is writing his own blog, feel free to check it out J Today, November 7th, is Trevor’s 21st birthday. We might be sad that he is gone, (although I’m not. Because I know how much fun he is having there and how many people he is helping!) We are glad he is there and having a good time! I hope to update you soon! We have some exciting news coming to you! We can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you so much for your prayer and support! You truly are a blessing from God! God has already placed Haiti on, Trevor, my mom, and my heart. Just wait until Marin goes! J As always, have a blessed day!
Madison !

God is so good!

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