Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February is known by many as the month of love, this February you have the opportunity to share the love! God has blessed me with countless things! One of the greatest things he has blessed me with was my trip to Haiti and the connections and relationships I made down there. I have talked about almost all of the wonderful people I met down there and now I get to share about another! I stayed at the Arris house which is in the city, Carrefour.(My bloggs name!) Pr. Arris has a wonderful large family and they all have great hearts for their country! They are not looking at what they can do for their country in the future, they are doing it now! Its such a wonderful thing! There are three boys, Dukenson, Michael, and Obed. I already talked about Obed, who is 17, and a very close friend of mine. Michael, is 21, and he has joined with a wonderful lady from Pennsylvania, Crystal Funk, to do Gods work in Haiti. Their organization is called Hearts United for Haiti. Most of their work is in a very remote city in Haiti, they help provide the people with healthy water and build relations with God! I looked into going on a trip with Hearts United and during the process Crystal explained to me the costs of the trip. She mentioned to me that the majority of the costs comes from car rental. Because they are in a very remote place they rent a car, which comes with a driver, so that if anything happens they can take care of the people on the trip. (Good idea!) Haiti does not make cars, all of their cars are imported. Importing a car costs lots of money, because of the corruption. If a Haitian gets a car they hold on to it with their lives, that is why the driver is always with their car. So renting a car in Haiti is extremely expensive! Crystal also mentioned that a lot of trips have been canceled, a lot of people could not go to share God's love. That really bothered me! I have had issues raising money for my own trips so I understood the deal. God is awesome and had a wonderful plan for Crystal, Haiti, and I! My father drives a semi truck and dose not need his car very often. On the 4th I had, had my permit for a year and will get my license soon. My father gave me his truck as a first car :) But the fact that people were not going on missions trips was really bothering me. I talked to my parents about giving my truck to Crystal and Hearts united for Haiti and they mentioned concerns of the truck not working good enough to go to Haiti, in fact many people told me that. Ultimately it was my decision on wither to give the car to Haiti or to sell it and get a cool new car for me. Hard decision! God really wanted me to give the car to Hearts united for Haiti, so I did :) I'm so excited for this blessing that God has given Hearts united and Haiti! Now we are sending the truck, which is perfect for a jungle like city, to Haiti! We had the car checked out. I was scared that it was going to be bad, like everyone had said when they were trying to help me do the right thing, but it is fine!! It only needs very small work done like an oil change and new spark plugs! How awesome is that!!! Now, the part where you come in :) It is going to cost $1,500 to ship the Truck, filled with many supplies, to Haiti, and $6,000 to get it out of port in Haiti. So, Heart United for Haiti needs your help to get this truck to Haiti, and to help all of the people in Haiti :) Donations are always welcome! My mother and I are doing some fund raising for this and we want to give you a glimpse of what we will be doing. Chick-Fil-A is going to give us 20% of everything sold to people supporting our cause! How awesome is that!!!?! We will most certainly be having a day for that! Culver's has also offered to help and will give us %10 for a night, and Fazolis  will help us. How cool! I'm also having a bake sale! I will most certainly update you with dates and times for everything! If you want to help with the bake sale, learn more about Hearts United for Haiti, or give a donation to help send this truck to Haiti, let me know! (coolkim333@yahoo.com)
Thank you so much!

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