Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haiti Update

The ladies met with the board today. It didnt go very well, from what I know, but there was some progress. Some of the people on the board are going to see the orphanage tomorrow, wen. Pray, pray, pray that these people see the unjust and the hurt of their people. I dont know what God wants, I dont know if he wants the kids to leave the orphanage or what but I know God wants things to change. Because I know God dose not want these kids hurting so badly. Some people from our church are going to go to Haiti, like now, to help feed the kid, they need someone who loves them to be there to feed them. So they are going, please pray for protection on these people, and for guidiance. It is exteemly dificult to be at the orphanage, the kids are so sick it makes you want to die, there is so much evil it makes you want to be evil, it is just really hard. Please pray for these people, whos passion outweighs these problems, because the kids need them. On top of all of this, the kids have been told that we are the reason for all this hurt and lonelyness. That makes it even harder for the people who love them to sit there, in all that evil and hurt, and be glared at like its their fault. Please pray for them, they are doing awesome things, things that need to be done, and its really hard. Thank you so much for your suport. We will find out on Thursday what will happen next.
Sorry for this poorly writen update.  Thanks for your prayer and support!
Locked up in their cage :(

This is the front of the orphanage.

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